About East Bridge Massage Portland Oregon

Portland needed a massage therapy center designed by a massage therapist

Clare Katner LMT East Bridge Massage

 Clare Katner LMT – Founder

Over ten years ago, several medical providers, other massage educators and peers encouraged me to start a center where I could work with other massage therapists who were also passionate about wanting to help people with the most effective techniques.  After years of massage and building my individual practice, which was booked for months out, I realized I was working non-stop trying to get people care when they were injured or simply ready for their next massage.  I would try to refer to other therapists, but it was hard to find experienced massage therapists who would listen to each person’s story, take notes, and who truly wanted to do transformative work.  Our niche and style of deep tissue massage takes focused energy on the part of the massage therapist, requiring strength, emotional centeredness, and physical health.

It has taken me years to find the talented and thoughtful therapists that work at East Bridge Massage

We have spent countless hours working with each other so that we can be united in our mission to help others.  My philosophy is that if you go to the same massage therapist for all of your care, you will be missing a lot.

No one should need to keep repeating their story

We take note of the session so you can continue care with any of our providers and can spend less time talking. We monitor progress and simply check in as your body changes overtime.

We care for our massage therapists

We offer our team health insurance stipends and paid-for massages to care for themselves and each other. Our LMT’s get a first hand understanding of each other’s type of work and styles of massage. East Bridge Massage employees enjoy a retirement package, paid vacation, frequent and flexible breaks, the best massage oils, new massage equipment, free continuing education, part-time or full-time work options, and team-building gatherings. We have skilled office staff seven days a week to support our massage therapists.

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