Why We’re Different

Voted “Best Massage Portland 2017 and  2021” by the Willamette Week reader’s poll.  Thank you for this honor!

Our massage therapists have unmatched skills and experience in a wide array of advanced massage techniques. Collectively, we have thousands of hours of training. On average, our massage therapists have twelve years’ experience, with some as many as twenty years.


Totally Fixed My Back

They are amazing. Got a same day appointment and they totally fixed my back!
Hayat Baameur

Truly Changed My Life

After years of intense training and competition, I decided it was time to do some serious massage to get myself back into training again. I was in constant low grade pain throughout my back. Since my massages with several of the therapists at East Bridge, I have surpassed what I thought my body was able to overcome. I have never had this kind of deep tissue massage and it truly changed the direction of my life. I am completely out of pain and able to compete again. This is a rare find as it is more of a group practice, the owner is a massage therapist that works alongside the other therapists and is so passionate about making sure that everyone is getting the best massage in Portland.

Lee Canton
Olympic Athlete – Judo

Attentive, Interactive, and Compassionate

I have had treatments all over the world but no one compares to East Bridge, it’s my go-to facility for deep tissue massage, rehabilitation and overall wellness.

In 2011 I was in a major car accident which eventually led me to have two low back surgeries and left me unable to play music. East Bridge was key in freeing up the muscles that had become inactive, stuck and atrophied, now I’m back to full force playing, recording and touring!

But, they are not just about the bodywork. All the therapists at EB are caring, attentive, interactive, and compassionate. They listen to your needs and tailor your massages so you out get the most out your time with them.

I always leave my sessions lighter, more relaxed and happy with the overall feeling I’ve done something really beneficial and healing for my body!

Jimi Bott
Professional drummer, Fabulous Thunderbirds

Just Plain Awesome!

I highly recommend Clare for both relaxation-oriented massage or to address a specific injury. I was lucky enough to get referred to Clare just before I got into a car accident. Clare was incredibly supportive to me during my recovery – she gave me fantastic massages, addressing my issues as they arose and modifying her techniques as my healing progressed. Clare also gave me awesome advice on vitamins as well as referrals to other health practitioners who share her (and my) philosophies. Another plus is her skill/willingness to deal with insurance issues, should you need it. Yet another plus is that Clare is just plain awesome and it’s always a pleasure to be around her in her comfortable and peaceful space. I suggest you visit her right away!

Suzanne H.
Water Conservation Specialist

Amazing Massage

I was referred to Clare by a pain clinic in 2011.  I had tried everything (or so I thought) and they had recommended surgery for my neck.  I could not believe but after the first treatment I felt a difference but by the third I felt better than I had since my chronic pain started 5 years ago! It is almost unbelievable at times. I no longer need or would ever consider surgery.  I send all of my employees and family to her as well.   Now I only go to see Clare whenever I need a tune up or just want an amazing massage.  She has truly changed my life.

Paul L.
Property Manager

Life Saving

Tried a bunch of different massage places over the years before trying East Bridge on a physician friend’s recommendation. I used to get migraines secondary to a lot of chronic neck/shoulder tightness, and the deep tissue massages here have been life-saving. All the therapists are great. If you love elbows and actually getting knots worked out, this place is amazing.

Kelly Kuo

Incredible Skill

I’ve been going to East Bridge for a year now for lower back pain and knee pain. They have helped me tremendously. The team is always professional and personable and have incredible skill that they tailor to your needs.  The environment is clean, inviting, and relaxing. I highly recommend them.

Alexandra L.

True Deep Tissue

Wow, true deep tissue massage! I have never felt more welcome. The moment I walked in the door I was greeted with a sincere hello and they were right on time for my massage. Affordable as well. Great place.

Jessica N.


I have been a client of East Bridge Massage for many years and I have always found the entire staff to be true professionals who deliver a consistent high quality massage experience. They listen to you and will work hard to provide you with a great therapeutic session. I highly recommend East Bridge Massage

Paul L.

Helped Me Immensely

I was recommended to East Bridge Massage about 2 years ago, they have helped me immensely with some shoulder and back pain. The staff is always professional and kind. The center is in a beautifully restored house that is always immaculately clean. Since Covid they have implemented protocols to keep both the clients and staff safe and adhere to the highest standards of safety in the ever changing new normal we live in.


The staff excels at pain management and I would highly recommend them for massage, acupuncture and cupping. They spend time with their patients getting to know them and their needs and goals. I highly recommend them as a wellness provider.


Deepest Deep Tissue

Deepest deep tissue, massage, pressure just right, pain no longer keeps me up all night.

Andy H.

Top Notch

I have been getting massage at East Bridge for two years. The therapists are all top notch.. I started going there for help with debilitating elbow tendinitis-I went from not being able to use my arm to full recovery. They take care of billing my insurance. They have taken every COVID  precaution this year and I have felt safe in their facility. I can’t recommend highly enough

Ceci G.

Best Massage in Portland

For the last 5 years East side bridge massage has been the best place for me to get the best massage in Portland, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Fernando O.

True Healers

This place is absolutely amazing. I wasn’t just a “client” or a “patient” I was a person. They listened to my needs and exceeded all of them. It is so refreshing to be treated for my necessities and not proposed a bunch of costly services I don’t need. This group is not just a business, they are true healers that care and want to make you not just feel better, but be better. I have found my holistic home!


Whole New Level

After a car accident a few years ago, I started seeing Clare Katner for massage work on the recommendation of my chiropractor. Until then, I had only experienced relaxation-type massages, but this was a whole new level of therapeutic body work. Her intuitive ability to zero in on the source of aches and pains was instrumental in helping me recover from my accident. Since then, Clare has expanded her business and gathered a world-class group of licensed massage therapists. She is great about pairing people with the therapist whose style is right for them, and I can’t recommend her and her staff highly enough.

Heather S.

Changed My Life

Been going here for about a year and it has changed my life for me and now for my family. Finally relief from pain.

Anthony S.

Ten Thousand Stars!

WOW. I have had a few massage experiences before but East Bridge is where I feel that my body has really begun to heal. Everyone in this place always seems so happy and relaxed, nobody at the front desk has ever been anything less than warm and helpful. I would like to give massage therapist  ten thousand stars- for truly fixing my body and easing my pain with the most exquisitely relaxing massages I can imagine. Seriously, somebody give him a medal. I couldn’t possibly be more satisfied with my massages!

Lisa F.

Great Experience

Great experience. Clean facility and professional. One of the best massage places I have ever been.


Unique Skills

I had a rough year of car accidents in 2020 and saw numerous therapists at East Bridge and all were wonderful. The building is gorgeous and thoughtfully executed, adding to the serenity of the experience. Each therapist brought unique skills and attention to help my healing process. I recommend to friends!

Brianna W.

Beautiful Experience

Overall a beautiful experience.  Lovely and relaxing even before your personal experience.  Lots of attention from everyone there and a wonderful massage in a very nice room.  Thank you East Bridge Massage.  I will certainly find my way back to you soon.

Dianne M.

Highly Skilled & Knowledgeable

This is my favorite place to get a massage in Portland. Every massage therapist I have seen here has been highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Reg S.

Focused on the Problem

The therapist was awesome! I came in with soreness all over my body and I left feeling like a baby. The therapist focused on the problem areas and gave me an overall massage from head to toe… AMAZING PLACE!


Scheduling is Seamless

I have been going to East Bridge Massage for many years with chronic back pain from a car injury and have never been disappointed with their deep tissue massage. Their scheduling is seamless and professional, with a vast knowledge of working with the intricacies of insurance companies.  Each massage therapist has an extensive knowledge of the muscular system, so that you never have a favorite!  They are fantastic.

Cecilia H.

Incredibly Intuitive

A friend recommended East Bridge Massage to me a few years ago. I am so thankful to have found them. Friendly, easy going, and professional. When I arrive he always asks how my body is feeling and addresses any health concerns. He is incredibly intuitive and literally knows what is hurting and focuses on those areas. I am pretty chatty, and I enjoy talking to him as well. He knows about my kids and pets, and always asks me how they are.

I appreciate the relaxing atmosphere, enjoyable environment, massage, and good conversation.

I highly recommend going to East Bridge Massage.  I have seen other therapists who are all wonderful.

Caroline H.


Location is Especially Impressive

I’ve been coming to East Bridge massage for over two years and am so grateful to have found it. The new location is especially impressive — it’s a home that’s been beautifully restored with lots of thoughtful touches. The rooms are immaculate, the communication is professional, and the services are really quality.


I’ve seen about 5 different massage therapists, and each is so skillful. I trust their hiring so much that I’ve learned not to be picky about who is available for a massage — I’ve never been disappointed. I and have recommended them all to friends.


This is a lovely spot that I highly recommend!


Hannah S.

 Cannot Say Enough Good Things

I have been going here for massages for about 3 years and I cannot say enough good things about the quality of the massages, as well as the nice environment! Their staff are very accommodating and helpful, the location is very central, and the massages are absolutely fantastic! They do an amazing job of paying attention to my body’s needs, and adapting each massage to what will benefit me most. I’m also very impressed with all of their covid-related safety modifications. I am a nurse and I feel very safe going there, which I really appreciate. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment!

Brittany S.

Warm and Safe

I can’t say enough good things about East Bridge! The therapists here have helped me recover from injury and now massage is part of my routine. They have created a warm and safe environment to get massage during COVID and are taking precautions seriously. I have seen many therapists over the years and they all have their unique style and truly care for the whole person. Thank you East Bridge for offering such amazing service and expertise!

Joan F.

Very Professional

I’ve had several massages, and every one of them have been great! Very professional and easy to schedule time frames through the week. The ashiatsu is my favorite and as a bonus they take insurance. The location is great and easy to find, and it’s surrounded by a lot of great restaurants.

Shawn L.

Thrilled with Treatment

I finally found the best deep tissue massage I have ever had! I have looked for 15 years and am so thrilled with the treatment I have received.  She is skilled and artistic in her approach.  She is an athletes herself and really understands pain and is sensitive to people who have a lot of challenging issues.  My wife does not like deep pressure and Clare is one of the few therapists who can accommodate all styles.

Marin W.
Graphic Designer

The Best Massage

I have never met a massage therapist who cared so much!  She has worked with so many types of health care providers that she understands how to approach each person differently.  Each massage experience is unique  and she works so hard to get you better quickly.  I told my doctor about her and now she refers patients to her for all kinds of muscular related issues.  She is the best !

Serena G.
Ultrasound Technician

My Soul Masseuse

When I refer to Clare Katner I refer to her as my soul masseuse. Before being massaged by her I had never felt transported by a massage. After her massage I was in such a deeply relaxed state that I had to briefly postpone driving!!

But it isn’t just the bliss of such a centering massage experience that makes her such a remarkably competent massage therapist, she is also a very knowledgeable practitioner and is able to identify exactly what the body needs during a massage. The best way to describe her ability is to say she is the most informed and intuitive health care provider I have ever worked with.

Jamie F.

Problem Solver

We call Clare, “Dr. Clare Medicine Woman”. She has worked with our entire family and we all go to her when we have a problem.  She even has worked on our grandparents and they love her too!  She adjusts her style  to match each of us.

The Fisher Family


I have been going to East Bridge Massage for a few years now and they have been phenomenal. I have seen a few of the different therapists (all the ones I have seen are amazing) and will tend to see one a few times as scheduling permits so they can target whatever is going on in my body. I had been on hiatus the last 9+ months from massages when I just started back up (having a 2 year toddler during a pandemic makes getting time for a massage hard) and I have seen Kumi two times so far. She has done wonders for my shoulders, back, and general upper body. She listens to what I think are the issues and finds what they are in my body.

I tell everyone I know who is looking for bodywork to come to here, anyone with aches and pains. I came here my whole pregnancy to get massages to keep me working while my babe was growing and pushing my body in different directions. I really hope more people take advantage of bodywork from East Bridge. They are truly amazing!

Laura Tocki-Toggenburger

Exquisitely Relaxing

WOW. I have had a few massage experiences before but East Bridge is where I feel that my body has really begun to heal. Everyone in this place always seems so happy and relaxed, nobody at the front desk has ever been anything less than warm and helpful. I would like to give massage therapist Peter ten thousand stars- he is truly fixing my body and easing my pain with the most exquisitely relaxing massages I can imagine. Seriously, somebody give him a medal. I couldn’t possibly be more satisfied with my massages!

Lisa Field

High Quality Massage Therapists

This really is the best Deep Tissue Massage I have ever received. I started going recently and had acute pain. I saw several of the LMT’s there. All were unique but collaborated about my shoulder condition. I was in a lot of pain and needed the best massage therapy that I could find. Customer service was top notch and the owner cares deeply about the quality of therapists. She is also a massage educator who teaches advanced massage techniques. You can’t beat these high quality massage therapists that are truly cared for and respected. They are also open seven days a week.

Jeffrey Wright

Best Massage Place!

I have had many massages in my life, but East Bridge Massage is hands down THE BEST place I have been to. I have seen Kumi for a deep tissue massage twice now, and will continue to keep coming here as long as she’s around. My girlfriend has also been here twice now, albeit with a different therapist, and feels the same way. Thank you so much to Kumi and the rest of the professional and friendly staff here for the outstanding service! You have deservedly earned my business.


 Healing Journey

I’d probably still be in a lot of pain if my doctor had not referred me to East Bridge Massage. My massage therapist has played a crucial role in my journey of healing and managing nerve pain. She’s caring, professional and meticulous with her treatment plan for me. The rooms are beautiful, calming to the soul, clean, and detailed with local artwork. I’m appreciative of this place and highly recommend them.