Let us help you with your massage plan benefits. In Portland, Oregon, many group insurance plans cover massage under massage or rehabilitation benefits.

We will call and find out about your massage rehabilitation benefits.*

Some plans have requirements for use of your benefits such as a doctor’s referral, prescription, pre-authorization. You may need to meet your deductible before you can utilize your massage benefits.

The First Step: Just fill out the information on our web contact page or feel free to call or fax the front and back of your insurance card with your date of birth and we will get back to you as soon as possible with your current plan information.

A few things you need to know:

  • Plans change every year. We will need to call on your plan every year to keep you up to date.
  • Massage is often covered by group plans but not individual plans.
  • Some plans will cover massage only if it is done in a Chiropractor’s office and then they may only allow for fifteen minutes of treatment time.
  • There are many plans that are not subject to the deductible and they don’t need a prescription.
  • We are medical massage therapists and trained specifically for positive, outcome-based care.
  • Payment of benefits are subject to all terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of the member’s contract at time of service.

Check With Your Health Insurance Company About Massage:

Ask these questions:

  1. Do I have insurance coverage for massage therapy (is massage an exclusion)? Can massage be performed by an LMT not working under or with a chiropractor, or physical therapist?
  2. Do I need a pre-authorization, prescription or a referral?
  3. Is massage subject to the deductible? What is my individual deductible?
  4. What is my copay or coinsurance?
  5. How many total visits do I have for massage? Is the number of visits shared with any other type of care like physical therapy?

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or “Flex Plan”

Many plans cover massage and some require a letter of medical necessity for the IRS which is rarely an issue, as most health providers are happy to write this letter.

Using your FSA saves you money by lowering your income taxes. Money you contribute to a flexible spending account is deducted from your pay before your Federal, State, or Social Security Taxes are calculated. This results in a decrease of your taxable income and an increase in your spendable income. This can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.

January is a typical enrollment period so don’t miss out on this opportunity. In short, you will have an opportunity to be reimbursed 100% for the money spent on massage!


Health Savings Accounts (HSA):

An HSA takes pre-tax money from your paycheck and places it an account for approved medical spending, and in most HSA’s, massage therapy is covered! Because you never pay taxes on this money, you get a significant savings on qualified expenses.

Every HSA varies and you can check with your benefits administrator. Most require an easy to obtain doctor’s letter of medical necessity before massage is covered. You can use the special debit card linked to your HSA to pay for treatments, as well. You can also pay for massage with money you’ve already set aside in your HSA.


Steps for both Flex spending and Health Savings Accounts:

  1. You need to call your benefits administrator to make sure massage is an allowable expense.
  2. They may ask for a letter of medical necessity.
  3. Finally, enjoy the benefits of getting a therapeutic massage and save money on your taxes at the same time.

* A quote of benefits and/or authorization does not guarantee payment or verify eligibility. Payment of benefits are subject to all terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of the member’s contract at time of service.