Ashiatsu Massage Portland Oregon

Ashiatsu (Ashi) Massage Therapy

This is for true deep pressure enthusiasts who don’t enjoy the sharpness of an elbow or even a thumb. This type of massage is an ancient technique that was practiced mainly in Asia. The balanced strokes create a deep structural shift in chronic problems related to soft tissue. It induces a profoundly deep form of relaxation. We use wooden bars mounted overhead for support and balance using our healing feet. The strokes are broad and more continuous and less disconnected than a typical massage. This massage covers a much larger area of the body than a therapist could ever cover with both hands. The compression feels smooth and full, not bony. It is unlike any massage you have ever received. It can also be a very good option for people who are extremely ticklish, as it is not a pin-pointed pressure.

We often hear from clients that they feel like they received the equivalent of a ninety-minute massage in just sixty-minutes. Our clients show obvious improvement in postural alignment and greatly reduced scar tissue in the larger muscle groups. We find that people with hip and hamstring problems are the most responsive to this style of treatment. This approach to massage is one of the most effective that you will receive in Portland, Oregon.