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Sports Massage Portland

Sports Massage Portland
We work with athletes young and old. If you need to perform your best, sports massage may be a very good massage treatment option. Tight or imbalanced muscles can cause alignment issues that directly affect your athletic performance.

We often use active and passive stretching techniques to improve range of motion and decrease muscles that don’t move or fire reflex signals appropriately. Deep tissue massage is often used to release and free the muscles for peak performance.  

When lactic acid levels are at their peak, there will be times that lighter pressure may be a much better option. We work with competitive athletes, Olympic athletes, and weekend warriors that come to us before and after sporting events so they can continue to do what they love even as they get older.

Pre-Sports massage is the best preparation before a sports event. With the jostling of muscle tissue, it is intended to invigorate the athlete and prepare the body before competition. It also deeply warms and prepares the muscles for fast movements. Fast and slow twitch muscle fibers will be at their best after this type of massage.  This is also a safeguard for the tissue as a means to avoid injury.

Post-Sports Massage is the vigorous, therapeutic milking of muscle tissue after competition, in order to flush the body of built-up lactic acid so the next day you can feel  your best. Ashiatsu combined with this treatment can be used to give you double the benefits in half the time.