Acupressure Massage Portland Oregon

There may come a time in your life when you’re left asking, “Where do I get the best medical massage?” After years of experience and understanding of what it takes to find highly knowledgeable and skilled medical massage therapists, we’ve developed a model that may help you figure out what to look for. 

Schedule accessibility

How many times have you started a program or goal only to find out that the person you loved had limited hours or has moved and you have no alternatives? Nothing can kill your I-want-to-get-better-buzz than finding a great spot that has the world’s most limited schedule. A truly great medical massage center is going to make sure they can accommodate your hours and have weekend options. Always look for a center that is open seven days a week with convenient hours or you will discontinue your therapy and struggle to get to your specific goals. 

Caring, knowledgeable staff

When you reach out to a medical massage center, you’re probably not going to speak directly to a massage therapist, but to the office staff. It is then imperative that their customer service staff knows the therapists massage therapy skill set and takes time to understand your specific needs. They can also be a fantastic resource for questions about using auto or health insurance.

Collaboration is key

Be sure to choose a medical massage center that has at least five highly skilled therapists who work together in a collaborative manner, or your therapy will simply come to a resonating halt. A benefit to working with multiple therapists at one center is the ability to have extremely flexible scheduling while maintaining the highest level of care, since you know you have a unified team working towards your health goals with you. A red flag is a massage therapist that feels they are the only one that should work with you – that indicates they are more business motivated than they are focused on getting you well.

Modalities galore

A high-quality medical massage therapist is going to have a plethora of modalities at their disposal, and will also continue to learn new skills and improve their existing ones. We find that therapists who have worked alone for many years in a solitary business with little stimulation from other therapists have limited skills. They lack advanced expertise and typically have been stuck in a routine or basic program for years. A true testimony of a great medical massage center is that they have massage therapists who are skilled in a wide variety of healing methods so that you get customized care that is right for your wellness goals.


If you are looking for advanced therapeutic massage care with the most positive outcome-based work, use this medical massage model and you’re likely to change your life, and your body, for good!