Thousands of auto accidents occur each day in the U.S. alone, and the resulting injuries can put you on a challenging journey to restore your health and wellbeing. Pain following these accidents can be immediate or even appear weeks later, manifesting as issues with jaw clenching from whiplash (typically neck related) or headaches. Reducing pain so you can get a decent night’s sleep in order to promote healing is crucial in the months following an auto injury, which is why utilizing medical massage therapy with an experienced LMT (licensed massage therapist) is an essential treatment on your road to recovery. 

Let’s take a look at the fast acting effects medical massage therapy can have:

Eliminate pain and sleep again! 

The #1 goal of a medical massage therapist is going to be addressing the pain you feel following an auto accident and resetting the cell memory deep within the muscle. Unresolved pain can cause stress and anxiety in an individual and it can impair the healing process, which is why “just dealing with the pain” while recovering is not an option. Intentional  massage therapy addresses key issues such as inflammation, stiffness, and even mental trauma following an accident. Pain alleviation leads to improved quality of life!

Get the blood moving and get back to normal! 

Massage therapy’s ability to encourage proper blood circulation is crucial when it comes to treating injuries, assisting in the healing process. With this type of massage we are retraining the muscles to lengthen to their original state and this has a profound yet calming effect on the muscles themselves. Skilled medical massage therapists can relax the muscles and increase blood flow to the spindle cells deep within the muscles, which can make the recovery more comfortable and long lasting. Honestly, these massages early on in the healing process can affect the rest of your life, so choose someone who knows what they are doing. Always make sure that your therapist has at least 5 years of advanced massage training post-massage school. 

Swelling reduction: Stop looking and feeling so puffy!  

Following an injury, inflammation can occur due to fluid and white blood cells moving into that tissue. By promoting proper blood flow and circulation, this type of massage can reduce swelling and improve the recovery process.

OMG, I need some ROM (range of motion)! 

A common symptom following an auto injury is lack of range of motion. It can manifest as back stiffness or difficulty turning your head, affecting daily tasks. Massage therapy can deeply relax the muscles, release lots of tension within the muscles and reduce inflammation, allowing your body to move like your former self – if not better! 

Car accidents occur no matter how careful we are. Luckily, we know that massage therapy promotes lasting change and outstanding outcomes, especially when you’re in the hands of knowledgeable massage therapists who are dedicated to getting you back on track. Fortunately, East Bridge Massage created a massage center with healing at the deepest level no matter what kind of accident you were in. Be assured that we have selected the most skilled and caring therapists who will listen to you and to your body, and stay with you through to the end of your treatment. We encourage you to reclaim your muscular and mental health with our outstanding group of massage therapists.