Myofascial Release Massage East Bridge massage Portland OR

Myofascial Release with Trigger Point Massage: Our therapists have focused training in myofascial release trigger point massage. These are some of the most useful manual therapy techniques we have used for injury recovery. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds each muscle, bone, and organ. Myofascial therapy restores mobility in the body and softens connective tissue that has become rigid over time and with injuries. This treatment is recommended for acute and chronic pain and for areas where you may have had an old injury.

Myofascial massage is often combined with trigger point therapy to greatly reduce scar tissue by using an unwinding, slow pressure that is typically in the direction of the fascial planes. When there is a myofascial adhesion, it causes the muscles to be drawn into a state of contraction, spasm, and pain. The tissue often feels rigid and immobile. Trigger points have a referred pain pattern. Once we identify the pain and tension points, we can relieve them with a specific type of compression. We often use our thumbs and fingertips to reach the tissue where the problem lies. Read more on our blog.