Myofascial release is a manual therapy that is “ hands-on”. The fascia is manipulated and slowly brought to its original healthy state. Fascia is a lot like saran wrap-but it’s actually tissue that surrounds the body’s muscles and other organs. This fascia protects the underlying layers and keeps the muscle and other supporting connective tissue aligned. Every day we work with patients that come in with serious pain, and with myofascial release we can reduce their pain significantly by the end of the first treatment with this very effective technique. 

Most massage therapists apply pressure by leaning in with a body part such as a thumb or forearm in order to pin the tissue to open it up and unwind. A skilled massage therapist can work with the tissue to immediately release the tight muscles and fascia in an effort to get them to “release” and relieve the entrapment of tissue, muscle or nerve.

MyoFascial Release Therapy Portland Oregon

This type of massage technique blends well with other typical massage modalities and can also be as relaxing as it is energizing. As massage therapists, we have the unique opportunity to spend a lot more time than any other health care provider to do this type of bodywork in detail.  We get referrals from doctors and physical therapists because they simply don’t have the time to do this type of method as it requires a lot of physical effort and time. We are focusing on releasing connective tissue that is bunched up and the muscle below responds with a similar positive response. The depth of the work allows us to target scar tissue that needs to be broken up and thus reduced pain and increase blood flow.

The results we have seen are remarkable with this technique, but if myofascial release is not what you are looking for there are many other techniques to choose from. This technique typically leads to positive outcomes. There are many studies showing productive results regarding pain relief and increased range of motion using myofascial techniques. 

Always select an experienced MFR  provider and make sure they listen to all of your symptoms before you start your massage session. Feel free to reach out to us so that we can match you to one of our myofascial release therapists at East Bridge Massage. 

Clare Katner Founder East Bridge Massage

Clare Katner has been a licensed  massage therapist and teacher for over 20 years. As the founder of East Bridge Massage she leads a team of 10 massage therapists in Portland Oregon, offering specialized treatments seven days a week. Whether it’s deep tissue or stress reduction her inspiration is to create a unique and customized experience to reach the many needs of all those that seek advanced massage therapy.