Whether you currently see a massage therapists or are thinking about finding one, a common question can be, how often do you need massage? Although massage can sometimes be a seldom treatment to achieve momentarily stress relief, its primary function is pain relief for which it should be on a regulated schedule depending on the ailment.

  • For those who have experienced an acute injury such as those that are often endeared in an auto accident, weekly massage is strongly recommended. Assuring tissue heals in the desired way requires frequent intervention immediately following the injury.
  • If you are an athlete, you should schedule a massage before and after a particularly grueling event. A runner who is competing in a marathon on Saturday should book a massage for both Friday and Sunday.
  • Massage can offer immediate relief from chronic pain conditions. Seeing a therapist is recommended every two to three weeks, but many patients choose to be seen once a week to get more frequent relief.
  • Patients who have an overall healthy lifestyle and are simply looking to maintain tissue health can do so by seeing a massage therapists once a month at the minimum. To reap the more extensive benefits of massage, more frequent treatments are recommended.
  • Stress and sleep conditions are two frequent psychosomatic reasons that patients will seek out massage therapy. For these conditions, each case is very specific and treatment frequency should be determined based on the specific causes of stress that the patient is looking to find relief from.

At East Bridge Massage in Portland, Oregon, our massage therapy specialists are available seven days a week to accommodate any treatment schedule.