Thera Cane is a great tool to get short term, fast relief until you can get a full body massage.

The design of the Thera Cane allows for easy access to hard to reach spots and assists in applying deep pressure to areas of tightness helping to break up tension and allowing for the increased flow of oxygenated blood to the muscles. This is a really amazing tool to have on hand when feeling muscle pain, restriction, stiffness, tenderness, and soreness because it can help relieve pain similar to how trigger point or myofascial release massage would.

By placing one of the balls of the Thera Cane in between the shoulder blade to hit a key trigger point for the rhomboid major. The rhomboid is a muscle located on both sides of the back, between the spine and the shoulder blades. The main action of the rhomboid major muscle is to retract and elevate the inner border of the shoulder blades. A few common activities that utilize the rhomboid and can cause muscle tension include reaching to put things on a high shelf, carrying a heavy backpack or purse, bad posture, serving a tennis ball and any activity that requires lateral raising of the shoulders. The rhomboid major is used daily and it is very common to have tension causing pain not only between the shoulder blades but also throughout the upper back, neck and even the lower spine. Massage techniques such as trigger point, myofascial release, therapeutic, deep pressure, and deep tissue are great ways to help alleviate tension along the rhomboids. In the meantime, the Thera Cane is a great tool to get short term, fast relief until you can get a full body massage. 

How to Use The Thera Cane to Help Relieve Tension in the Rhomboid Major and Upper Back:

  1. Place the ball of the Thera Cane in between the shoulder blades
  2. Sit in a chair with a back and gently lean back to apply pressure on the Thera Cane
  3. Take the corresponding arm that the Thera Cane is on and rest it on the top to apply pressure
  4. Take deep breaths and hold pressure on the spot until the tension dissipates
  5. Remove the Thera Cane and feel the difference

If you would like to try the Thera Cane we have one available here at our office. You can give this technique a go while waiting for your appointment!