Whiplash is, essentially, exactly how it sounds. The abrupt and often times, unexpected whipping forward of the head and neck. The momentum of the head whipping forward in such a manner causes micro-tears in the neck and can cause strains and sprains in the muscles of the neck and upper body. The most common symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Muscle weakness while lifting your head from a resting position 
  • Upper body stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Jaw clenching
  • Tenderness in the front of the neck
  • Disrupted sleep

Whiplash can be caused by many things like falling unexpectedly or seeing your favorite heavy metal band live. Most commonly, whiplash is caused by motor vehicle accidents. It’s important if you have been in a motor vehicle accident to get checked out right away by a doctor or massage therapist who specializes in auto accident massage, as the symptoms of whiplash can take days and even weeks to present in the body. 

Massage therapy can help to lessen the pain and headaches associated with whiplash by reducing inflammation and restoring blood flow to the area, as well as helping to break up scar tissue, preventing the risk of future pain and suffering. It’s recommended to come in once a week for 8-12 weeks to experience the best results for healing. 

Some of the best massage modalities for whiplash include:

  • Trigger Point 
  • Site Specific Deep Tissue 
  • Cross Fiber Friction 
  • Myofascial Release
  • Lymphatic Massage

Here at East Bridge Massage we pride ourselves in our ability to treat Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) related conditions. We have some of the most skilled and highly trained massage therapists to help you on the road to recovery. Our office staff will even bill your insurance company for you, so you can focus your energy on recovering fully. Feel free to give us a call at the center if you have any questions.