Whether you’ve been hunched over a computer, involved in a car accident, or just slept wrong, it’s important to get the best massage therapy you can find for the resulting neck pain in a timely manner. Naturally, you will try to compensate for the neck pain, which can cause it to radiate to other parts of your body such as your shoulders, elbows or hands. Seeking massage therapy immediately can not only alleviate the pain and stiffness you’re feeling, but also stop it from causing long-term issues.

Massage therapy is imperative at the first signs of neck pain, especially when it’s limiting your range of motion. Carefully executed therapeutic massage will help to relax the muscles, and specific techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, moderate to deep tissue, structural integration, and neuromuscular massage with applied kinesiology can alleviate the “knots” in your neck that are holding onto the tension patterns, and in turn causing pain.

When in one position for too long, like when you’re sleeping at the wrong angle for hours, your muscles can become tense, stiff and begin to lock up, creating negative muscle memory patterns. It’s important to use massage therapy at the first sign of neck pain, as it is one of the most efficient ways to eliminate these problems before they affect you long term. Towards the end of the treatment we often relax the muscle and manually stretch them in order to fully restore your range of motion and eliminate pain.

Similarly, whiplash from an auto accident can cause neck pain as well, but in that scenario it is due to the body’s shock response to a high intensity impact that happens in less than a second. When whiplash occurs, it causes micro-tears in the muscles and supportive tissue, causing scar tissue. This scar tissue is there to reinforce the injured area as the body’s natural way to protect you. However, the scar tissue can become “stuck” to the muscle fibers and result in tightness and limited range of motion for many years to come if not treated quickly. An experienced licensed massage therapist will use methods such as myofascial release with cross fiber techniques along with deep tissue massage to decrease scar tissue buildup and loosen adhesions. We have found that when we work with a neuromuscular (nerve and muscle) therapy approach combined with outcome based structural integration, this new pain free state of being will remain.

The timing of treatment for neck pain is important to help prevent continuing and/or worsening issues in the future. At the first signs of pain, tightness, or limited range of motion in your neck you should select a massage therapist who has the ability to pinpoint where the issue is stemming from, and who can then create a treatment plan that will restore your health and quality of life. East Bridge Massage is a locally owned center that strives to be the massage specialists you can rely on for situations like these, where you know you’re in good hands from the moment you schedule your appointment. You don’t have to suffer through your pain for weeks, months or years before seeking relief, you can instead rely on proven massage therapy methods to align your body and wellness goals.

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About the Author

For over twenty years, Clare Katner has been an intuitive and holistic facilitator of healing. A licensed massage therapist since 1995 and a certified hypnotherapist since 1998, her professional scope is truly mind-body, and her long-term enjoyment of this work comes from witnessing transformation in her client’s lives.

A graduate of Indiana University with a bachelor’s of science degree in education, Clare quickly developed a massage practice fusing her interest in teaching with her love of bodywork and has become a teacher and mentor to other massage therapists. She is a founder and owner of her dream clinic, East Bridge Massage.