Like any discipline, massage therapy has been dogged by common misconceptions throughout its lifespan as an ancient healing art. In the modern world, we can use informational technology such as blogs to debunk these common myths and spread education on what a patient can actually expect from their session with a massage therapist. Below are the most common myths with their not-so-common explanations:

Myth: If it hurts, it’s working

Contrary to common belief, a massage does not have to cause pressure pain or leave you sore the next day to be effective. At East Bridge Massage, our deep tissue specialists work with patients to determine what the most conducive method is to their personal healing objectives. Deep work can be performed with varying levels of pressure to create the most satisfying results for each patient. In addition, more subtle work such as myofascial release can provide a lighter but just as effective session.

Myth: Massage therapy is for short-term pain relief only

Almost all patients will leave a massage feeling immediate relief from any pain they may have focused on with their therapist during that session. Some patients leave accepting the myth that their relief is only short-term. However, massage is a highly effective way to relieve short-term and long-term pain issues. Depending on the individual pain concerns of each patient, different techniques can be used to accelerate healing of injuries and address chronic pain symptoms with long-term progress commonly being achieved.

Ashiatsu is deep tissue work achieved using gravity

Ashiatsu is deep tissue work achieved using gravity

Myth: Effective deep work is determined by the size or physical fitness of the therapist 

Patients looking for deep tissue or deep pressure work can sometimes be surprised that their therapist does not necessarily fit the conventional expectations for someone with a physically demanding profession. The juxtaposition lies in the fact that massage therapy is the pointed use of pressure to achieve results. To that end, a therapist simply needs to be trained in using leverage and weight properly. Ashiatsu is the finest example of this, providing some of the most therapeutic work available using gravity to create pressure.

Myth: Massage is unafforable

Many people think massage therapy is a luxury that they may not be able to afford. In fact, health insurance does cover massage on some plans. Therapists at East Bridge Massage are in-network with several large insurance providers and often bill insurance for massages, making your cost for a treatment significantly lower. Consult our insurance page for plans we accept and have us check your plan to find out if we can provide you with massage therapy on your budget.

The massage therapy specialists at East Bridge Massage in Portland, Oregon are available for appointments seven days a week. Book an appointment today or contact us for more information regarding massage therapy.