ashiatsu, originally performed by monks" />

The ancient modality of ashiatsu, originally performed by monks, has been revived in cities all across the world in recent years. This deep tissue foot massage is a truly unique experience, but does it fit your needs?

Ashiatsu is the ideal modality to meet the following needs:

  • Patients who are looking for a sports massage to relieve tension caused by cycling or running. These cardio activities utilize large muscles that are soothed most effectively by large points of pressure like the feet.
  • Those who have hip or joint pain. A foot can encompass a joint in a way a hand cannot always achieve. By working on the joint as its own inclusive mechanism, independent functioning is encouraged by increasing circulation to the area and resetting the cellular memory.
  • Patients who may crave deep pressure, but experience pain that is sharp and intense when being worked on by a singular point of pressure such as a hand or elbow. Foot massage can deliver deep tissue work in a more delicate fashion.

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