Now that long summer days are here in Portland, you may find yourself in need of a sports massage that soothes the specific strains associated with the Pacific Northwest’s most popular summer sports.

At East Bridge Massage, our talented staff of therapists use myofascial release and other therapeutic techniques to counteract the physical strains of summer sports and keep you in the game.  

  • Bicycling: Upper body strain can sometimes be overlooked when there is a primary focus on traditional lower body impacts. Therapeutic massage can relieve tension caused by jarring and gripping while riding.
  • Hiking: Back muscles can be made sore by carrying heavy backpacks and knees and joints can take a hit from hiking in upwards motions. Lymphatic massage can encourage increased circulation that allows for easier movement no matter what terrain you happen to be exploring.
  • Kayaking: Intense upper body exertion can leave soreness and tightness in the elbows, neck, and back. Kayaking can most frequently be associated with repetitive motion soreness, a general pain that can range from moderate to intense and can be easily eased with relaxation massage.
  • Soccer: This highly physical sport can have a large effect on the calves, quads, and ankles. For more active players, whiplash from falls and tension headaches from headbutt can be relieved through cranial sacral therapy, a unique modality offered by specialists at East Bridge Massage.
  • Climbing: Soreness in forearms, hands, and fingers can be relieved by detailed work in muscle attachments. Partner climbers who do not use belay glasses often experience tension in the neck from frequent glances upwards, causing limited length of the spine and neck that can be alleviated through massage.

To stay outdoors and active this summer, come indoors for an hour at East Bridge Massage, where we take appointments 8:00AM-8:00PM, seven days a week.