Massage therapy is one of the most effective tools for healing and soothing the musculoskeletal system, and as part of a holistic lifestyle approach with auxiliary aftercare, can be enhanced to be even more beneficial to the patient. Read below to learn what steps you should take following your massage.

Drink Plenty of Water. Staying hydrated is the keystone to any form of healthy living. Most adults do not drink enough water and can easily become chronically dehydrated. Following a massage, drinking enough water to stay hydrated becomes essential as you work on maintaining muscle tissue health.

Salt Soak. Soreness following a massage, particularly deep tissue work, can last up to two days. To quicken the recovery time, taking an epsom salt bath or visiting a float tank that uses salt water can work to promote perspiration and draw acidic waste such as uric acid through the pores of the skin, helping to relieve any soreness left from your massage.

Avoid Exercise. Intense workouts should be avoided for twelve hours following a massage to prevent overexertion of the muscles and an increase in soreness or pain. When receiving pre-sports massage, make sure to schedule your appointments to allow this essential recuperation period. Likewise, your post-sports massage should be scheduled at least six hours following your sports event.

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