If you are working a job where you spend more than several hours a day sitting at a desk, exercising regularly, spending extended periods behind the wheel, sleeping in irritating positions, or chasing after your dog or toddler, you are probably experiencing frequent or chronic back pain. Basically, living a full life is a pain in the back.

Massage therapy is one of the most effective tools to combat back pain. The following modalities are most commonly used in a typical treatment session:

  • Myofascial Release: Your therapist will use myofascial release on the larger muscles of the back, soothing pain caused by leaning forward, which is often felt in the lower back. Frequently used during sports massage, this technique works by stimulating muscles with the pointed touch of your therapist.
  • Deep Tissue: Already tight muscles can get tighter when you spend time sitting. Hip muscles which are attached to the spine become folded when you are in a sitting position, irritating your back. Deep tissue massage can reach anterior muscles and reset them from these uncomfortable lockups.
  • Ashiatsu: This deep pressure technique is a truly unique experience. Your therapist can use ashiatsu to relieve back pain with larger, less pointed strokes using the feet. By walking on the back, a massage therapist can treat the muscles deeply with broad pressure points.
  • Cupping: Offered at East Bridge during your massage, cups applied to the back use negative pressure to increase the blood flow in the region, targeting painful spots.

If you are one of the many people who experience back pain, massage therapy is one of the most effective tools to reaching relief. The massage therapy specialists at East Bridge Massage in Portland, Oregon, are available seven days a week to help stop your pain.