Massage therapy can benefit almost every person, but not all modalities are ideal for every person’s individual needs. The reasons patients seek out a massage range from medical intervention for an injury or pain condition to a day of relaxation. Read below to learn which modality best suits your needs.


Swedish: This light to medium-pressure massage is perfect for relaxation, winding down, and relieving anxiety or stress. Patients simply looking for a chance to relax often love Swedish massage. Increasing blood flow through gentle touch, this modality allows the muscles to fully relax.

Deep Tissue: This therapeutic work used to release tight muscles and adhesion is a highly effective tool for treating chronic pain issues or long-term injury recovery. Ashiatsu, bar foot massage, is the deepest form of deep tissue and can offer measurable results for patients suffering from pain.

Myofascial Release: For patients who are looking to ease chronic inflexibility, general aches, or muscular cramps, this modality can be a perfect solution. Using dry techniques to isolate areas of fascial tissue that is tense or stationary, the therapist then loosens them through muscular manipulation to reduce pain.

Sports Massage: Whether you are a competitive athlete, maintain an active lifestyle, or are simply working towards a fitness goal, massage can be a key part of keeping you healthy enough to perform. This massage combines several modalities to ease muscle soreness and increase blood flow, making it a integral tool for athletes.

Cranial Sacral: This modality focusing on resetting the flow of cerebrospinal fluid throughout the body through gentle manipulation of the skull and spine is often a key part of treating whiplash injuries. Migraine sufferers find relief from sessions including cranial work

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