Many expectant mothers seek massage as a way to help cope with the strains of their rapidly changing bodies. Pre-natal massage can help with body aches and pains, sleep, and mobility. Closer to your due date, massage can help ready you for birth by increasing joint functionality, opening the hips, and stabilizing the pelvis.

Despite the clear benefits of pre-natal massage, many new mothers neglect to return to treatment following the birth of their babies. In the chaos of caring for a newborn, we frequently forget to care for ourselves, but feeling our best allows us to be the best mothers possible.

At East Bridge Massage, our expert massage therapists are trained in providing the following to women who have recently given birth:

Whether you have just found out you are expecting or have already given birth, now is the time to begin helping your body through one of the largest transitions it will ever experience. East Bridge Massage is available in Portland, Oregon seven days a week to help you prepare and recover, keeping yourself healthy in the midst of the sometimes overwhelming miracle of birth.